Beyond Building Features – Agile Business Model Development with Lean Startup

Kamil Barbarski | Lean Startup & Business Innovation MAK3it

gb September 13, 2014 | 11:40 - 12:00 o' clock | Meet Magento 2014 » Developer Room

75% of all startups fail! But still most of the radically successful businesses come from the startup world. Is there more than just luck that makes those startups so successful? What can entrepreneurs and large corporations learn from them?

Now more than ever we have access to scientific and practice proven methods and tools that describe how prosperous businesses are being developed. Lean Startup helps you raise the odds of establishing disruptive products that people really want. It is an iterative and systematic process which extends the agile development approach to the whole business model. It helps you stay up to date in rapidly changing markets by focusing on customer needs and validated learning.

Implement Lean Startup principles in your daily work to minimize the time of your development process and keep your product as user friendly as possible. See how experiments can be used to test product features, customer segments or marketing channels. Use customer development interviews, smoke tests and innovation accounting to be ahead of your competitors, internationalize your business and innovate continuously.

“We’re organized like a startup. We’re the biggest startup on the planet”. – Steve Jobs