How’s the eCommerce industry doing in Romania

Romania is the one of the biggest eCommerce markets in Southeastern Europe. The industry is flourishing and expanding quickly from year to year. In 2013 the industry was worth 600 million euros and in 2014 it almost doubled its worth reaching a staggering 1.1 billion euros. Despite the amazing growth, the share of eCommerce in total retail is still quite low, between 2.2 and 2.5%.

Consumer electronics & IT, fashion and home & deco are the most popular categories on the market. Fashion sales reached 140 mil euros last year, becoming the most important segment in the Romanian eCommerce industry.

The unofficial number of online stores is close to 20.000, but the number of active online stores doesn’t get over 5000. Only 1173 websites have enlisted to the 3D Secure, a safe authentication protocol and anti fraud system. The most important online store in Romania is, 260 mil euros in revenues, present in Hungary, Romania,Bulgaria and Poland. It has recorded a 40% increase in sale from 2013 to 2014. Other big online stores in Romania are Altex, Domo, Flanco, FashionDays, Okazii, Olx.

The favorite payment method chosen by Romanians is cash-on-delivery, but the online payments by card had increased from 220 mil euros in 2013 to 337 mil euros in 2014, gaining popularity as time goes by and the people are more oriented for a quick transaction.

In 2015 the Romanian eCommerce market will register a 35% increase, well above the European evolution of 12.5% and will reach a 1.5 billion euros worth.