Meet Magento 2018 Romania

meet magento 2018 romania

What is Meet Magento?

Meet Magento is the first and one of the most important eCommerce conference series that takes place every year in over 30 countries around the world.
Starting in 2009, when the first edition of this event took place, Meet Magento is the place to deliver the latest information on Magento, Online Business and Marketing Strategies. Here, the participants have the opportunity to interact with Magento developers, opinion leaders and merchants and get information on the latest technology, trends and industry innovations.
The event, organized by us, MindMagnet, reached its 5th edition this year where we will wait for over 450 national and international speakers and participants. Meet Magento 2018 will be held from 15th to 16th October at the Grand Hotel Napoca in Cluj Napoca.

Why become a sponsor of Meet Magento?

Considering the growing potential offered by the Romanian Ecommerce market, Meet Magento offers the best opportunity to meet your future business partners.
Our sponsorship packages give you new opportunities to capture the attention of over 400 participants:
· Exposing your brand to new customers and business opportunities
· Introducing your business to an interested audience
· Raising awareness of your brand and associating your name with the world’s most important eCommerce conference
· Brand awareness within the marketing campaigns for the event: roll-up in conference rooms, marketing materials and giveaways in gift bags, mention in Facebook promoted post – pre-event, logo on event guide and so on.

News in the Meet Magento community

In mid-April, at an event in Las Vegas, Magento formally announced the formation of a new association with Meet Magento.
Magento is the most popular open-source eCommerce platform in the world used by over 250,000 merchants, and Meet Magento is the independent community created with the promise of providing support and the latest updates to Magento users.
Starting in 2009, Meet Magento offers to the members around the world a platform to learn, share and contribute to the development of Magento, and also supports initiatives and projects for innovation.
This new association will be dedicated to contributing and supporting the Magento global ecosystem, technology projects, new trends as well as online education and collaboration projects.

Meet Magento Romania 2018 – 5’th Edition

Meet Magento Romania –  5th edition, gives you the opportunity to explore and to get fresh and deep insights into what is happening on the eCommerce market; to know and understand the future of the eCommerce world and to flourish the base of the Magento community with more developers, more merchants, and more agencies.
We can’t wait to meet you there!