StageMe is a SAAS product that empowers eCommerce platforms owners to host and deliver interactive live streaming sessions directly to their clients, through their websites.

Within these “one-to-many” live streaming sessions, they can sell products, showcase, offer special discounts, connect with their clients, answer questions, and so much more.

The mission of StageMe: Connecting sellers with buyers – and making their experience even more natural and interactive.

But why Live Streaming in E-Commerce? It makes eCommerce human. You will connect with your customers more deeply. You have another marketing channel, and you can get direct feedback from clients. And last but not least: You will push your conversion rate to an upper level.

Welcome to the new era of interactive teleshopping experience. For everyone. Anywhere. with StageMe.

Christian Wilhelm Roth

Chris is the initiator and CEO of the StageMe project. He is an entrepreneur born in Germany, from a Romanian-German family. He studied law of economics, gathered professional experience at several unicorns in Germany, and other professional business projects in Romania. Chris is a natural networker and is known for his team-oriented leadership style. His vision is to connect people with other people. His personal mission is to connect Europe even more: Particularly Romania with the D-A-CH region and vice versa.