Flash points for Merchants and Agencies that can kill a beautiful friendship!

Deryck Harlick | Magento Merchant and End User Trainer Mage Training

gb Presentation October 28, 2016 | 13:00 - 13:30 o' clock | Meet Magento 2016 » Business Track

Over the last six years Deryck has worked with hundreds of merchants to help them better understand their Magento store. Some of these clients have come to Deryck because the relationship has failed or is failing with their agency. Sometimes this is the agencies fault, sometimes it is the clients and often it is a bit of both. In most cases it is avoidable.

In this session Deryck will look at what the common flash points are and how they can be avoided or rectified while everyone still remains friends. There is something in this session for agencies and clients alike.