Porting a complex extension to Magento 2

Fabian Schmengler | Magento Certified Developer integer_net

gb Workshop October 29, 2016 | 13:30 - 14:00 o' clock | Meet Magento 2016 » Developer Workshop

This talk is a case study based on our search extension IntegerNet_Solr. I am going to walk step by step through the process of a structured rewrite for Magento 2.

First I am going to show how I decoupled all business logic from Magento, with a well-defined interface between the framework agnostic library and Magento. This library is going to be shared between the Magento 1 module and the Magento 2 module.

Then I will show how to port the remaining module code to Magento 2 and write proper tests for it.

You will learn some useful patterns for framework agnostic code, and for refactoring existing complex modules in particular.