Speaker presentations from MM18RO – 5th edition

The 5th edition of Meet Magento Romania was a real success this year too and received amazing feedback from over 300 participants. It featured a wide panel of national and international speakers who shared their knowledge of Magento, as well as the latest trends in marketing and eCommerce.
For those who could not be present at the event, or those who want to go through the presentations once again, you can find them below.

Day 1, Dev Track

Andrii Kasian – Write your code in efficient way

David Manners – The 23 and 1/2 hour developer – soon

Bartek Igielski -Design system- Creating a consistent UI for Magento store

Cristian Partica – Mind your Ps and QLs

Ionuț Rada – Sănătate psihică – Echilibru emoțional

Alessandro Ronchi – Some lessons learned contributing to Magento MSI

Andrew Howden – Oh my God everything is on fire

Valerii Naida – Dark side of Architecture

Bartek Igielski – Game Changer for eCommerce – Vue Storefront – Open Source PWA

Ionuț(John) Demian – Using serverless with Magento

Day 1, Business Track

Raul Risnita – Soluții non bancare pentru nevoile antreprenorilor români

Toma Matei – Why understanding consumer behaviour at every stage of the online journey is key to ecommerce success

Valentin Radu – What’s being hidden in your Magento

Mădălina Stănescu – Google Ads – Advanced eCommerce Growth Strategies

Iulian Ghișoiu – Cum să faci SEO pentru căutările vocale la un magazin Online Magento

Ihor Furseev – Leading a team in an Ecommerce agency

Mihaela Cristea – Protecția datelor cu caracter personal – Tot ce trebuie să știi despre noul regulament GDPR – soon

Day 2, Dev track

Ruslan Aharodnik – Migration from M1 to M2 – How to increase your perfomance and decrease your headache

Adrian Balcan – Cloud providers, tools and best practices in running Magento on Kubernetes

Andrii Kasian -Using Magento Performance Tools to analyze and improve the performance of your code

Razvan Avramescu. Tips and tricks in Magento 2 data migration tool

Day 2, Business Track

Remus Lucuț – Cross border eCommerce – Cum îți internaționalizezi magazinul online

Ionuț(John) Demian – The anatomy of a successful content strategy