Fabian Blechschmidt

Magento Professional Freelancer

“He who knows all Magento, cast the first stone!” – Something like this, it was probably in the Bible. Often then flying stones, but on closer inspection you quickly realize: you do not know ALL of Magento. Many angles and depths propel their jokes without one would have ever noticed it.

In our naughty and very fast styled lecture we fire the Magentowissen on all cylinders. Former spaghetti code developers, the head is then hurt and old Magentohasen suddenly feel unwell, knowing that there are still a number of caves that has never been seen before, the debugger in its construction. The goal of our presentation is in no way intimidate or stepping on feet. We want to deliver tangible code, bring light into the darkness and also show at the end of course, where you shake in Magento with head or crying can sit in front of the screen. True to the motto “Destroy all software – WAT?”.

All code examples of the films are then available for free download and can perfectly serve as a cheat sheet for on-and outgoing Magentoentwickler. Together with the video recordings it may be easier for all developers in the future, the Kraken to elicit the desired data. The catch? We sincerely hope that we can talk as fast as in 30 minutes that we are then really reached the last slide of our presentation.