Marius Panait

Managing Partner Teamshare

In 2002, me and my partner – Cristian Dumitrescu – left the multinational type of organization for starting the most excitement enterprise of our lives – our own business Entelion Software.

Entelion offering, we hope, inspiration and encouragement for us as software designers, is a composite constructed from two closely related words entelechy and teleology.

Entelechy itself has three related meanings: Aristotle used it to refer to actuality as opposed to potentiality while Leibniz held it to be the soul or principle of perfection of an object or person. But its more modern incarnation is in the description of
something that contains or realizes a final cause. (telos = goal or completion; ekhein = to have)

Teleology is the doctrine that there is evidence of purpose and design in he universe. In other words, it holds that the mere fact of the existence of the universe is proof of the existence of a designer.

Till 2002, I was the Managing Director of KPNQwest Romania, the subsidiary of the Dutch/US joint-venture between KPN Telecom and Qwest Communications. Qwest bought EUnet International, the merge of EUnet’s all over Europe (EUnet’s in Europe were providing Internet services since 1982!). I had the chance to work for one of the firsts Internet providers in Romania – EUnet, since 1994. At that time, there were only a couple of leased lines in Romania, dial-up speed was maximum 14400bps and I was playing with the first version of Internet Explorer!

I have a Computer Science degree and an MBA from Liverpool University. I work in IT&C since 1994, having very good knowledge about this industry, suppliers and consumers, technology and services providers.

Specialties: Enterprise software solutions: e-commerce B2B and B2C, EDI’s with ERP systems, CMS – Content Management Systems.


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